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added escape method; updated to take latest options

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         Make a say object with the given options.
         self.options = Say.options.push(kwargs)
+    @staticmethod
+    def escape(s):
+        """
+        Double { and } characters in a string to 'escape' them so ``str.format``
+        doesn't treat them as template characters. NB This is NOT idempotent!
+        Escaping more than once (when { or } are present ) = ERROR.
+        """
+        return s.replace('{', '{{').replace('}', '}}') 
     def hr(self, sep=six.u('\u2500'), width=40, vsep=0, **kwargs):
-    version=verno("0.829"),
+    version=verno("0.832"),
     author='Jonathan Eunice',
     description='Super-simple templated printing. E.g.: say("Hello, {whoever}!", indent=1)',
-    install_requires=['six', 'options>=0.4', 'stuf>=0.9.10'],
+    install_requires=['six', 'options>=0.426', 'stuf>=0.9.10'],
     tests_require = ['tox', 'pytest', 'six'],
     zip_safe = True,
     keywords='print format template interpolate say show',
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