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  *  Indentation and wrapping (to help stucture output)
  *  Convenience printing functions for horizontal rules (lines), titles, and
     vertical whitespace.
- *  A parallel function, ``show()``,  that displays the current value of
-    variables.
 invocation, the more valuable having it stated in-line becomes. Note that full
 expressions are are supported. They are evaluated in the context of the caller.
-Debug Printing
-Sometimes programs print so that users can see things, and sometimes they print
-so that develpopers can. ``say()`` is the API for standard printing functions. A
-parallel API, ``show()``, helps rapidly print the current state of variables. It
-enables "debugging print statements" that don't require the craptastic
-repetition of ``print "x = {x}".format(x)``. Instead, just::
-    show(x)
-    show(nums)
-    show(x, nums, len(nums))
-    x: 12
-    nums: [0, 1, 2, 3]
-    x: 12  nums: [0, 1, 2, 3]  len(nums): 4
-All of the standard keyword options for ``say()`` work for ``show()`` as well.
-If you'd like to see where the data is being produced, ``show.set(where=True)``
-will turn on location reporting.
-Sadly, because Python provides weaker introspection during
-interactive operation, (see e.g. `this <>`_)
-``show()`` is somewhat limited in interactive use. It works at the main
-level and usually in imported modules, but does work within the body of functions defined
 Printing Where You Like
  *  The ``say`` name was inspired by Perl's `say <>`_,
     but the similarity stops there.
+ *  The ``show`` debug printing functions have been split into a separate package,
+    `show <>`_.
- *  Automated multi-version testing with the wonderful
+ *  Automated multi-version testing is managed with the wonderful
     `pytest <>`_
-    and `tox <>`_ modules has commenced. ``say`` is now
+    and `tox <>`_. ``say`` is now
     successfully packaged for, and tested against, all late-model verions of
     Python: 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, and 3.3, as well as PyPy 1.9 (based on 2.7.2).