The objective of SlothFramework is to take away as much boilerplate code as possible. With this in mind it offers annotations to save the state of a field, or to inject views. But you can do more, check the features on the wiki.

It's in a very early state, please be patient.

Importing the project in AndroidStudio

Slothframework is a library project. You can import it as an aar file or as code.

Importing as an AAR file

First you have to download the AAR from the download section and copy it to your libs folder.

Then you have to add this to your build.graddle file:

repositories {
    flatDir {
        dirs 'libs'

dependencies {
    compile (name:'slothframework', ext:'aar')

Sync the graddle project and it should be working.

You have two example projects to check out:

Importing project as code

You can import the project as code. You need to download/clone the code an link it to your project. By now in AndroidStudio you can't link projects outside your own code.

For example, if you download the code to a folder called libraries inside your project you have to add this in your build.graddle file:

dependencies {
    compile project (':libraries:slothframework:slothframework')

And this in your settings.graddle file:

include ':libraries:slothframework:slothframework'

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I'm trying to write (and update) the wiki as much as I can. I also would like to learn more about Android testing and add test to this project when I have more time.

I hope you like it.

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