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With django-licenses you can give every object a different content license. You can easily manage your licenses and use them in other ways too. Check out Installation and Examples on how to use django-licenses.


What's done

  • License model, with flexible fields (abbreviation, link, logo, ...)
  • Organization model, group your licenses by author
  • Django admin support
  • LicenseField, to connect releated models easily
  • Template tags and filters:
    • Retrieve license by abbreviation and slug
    • Autogenerate HTML for hyperlinks and linked logos
  • Full rel-license microformat support (that was the most work ;))
  • Fixtures with some ready-to-use GNU und CC licenses

What's planned

  • Extensive documentation
  • Extensive tests
  • Support for djangos contenttype framework (see here)
  • Maybe a custom manager for licenses
  • Template tags and filters:
    • None for now. Feel free to suggest new ways to make licensing easier.

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