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added has_more property to SplitField

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         return getattr(self.instance, self.excerpt_field_name)
     excerpt = property(_get_excerpt)
+    # has_more is a boolean property
+    def _get_has_more(self):
+        return self.excerpt.strip() != self.content.strip()
+    has_more = property(_get_has_more)
     # allows display via templates without .content necessary
     def __unicode__(self):
         return self.content


     def test_content(self):
         self.assertEquals(, self.full_text)
+    def test_has_more(self):
+        self.failUnless(
+    def test_not_has_more(self):
+        post = Article.objects.create(title='example 2',
+                                      body='some text\n\nsome more\n')
+        self.failIf(post.body.has_more)
     def test_load_back(self):
         post = Article.objects.get(
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