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 root = .
-revision = 740bfc251e5d9a7a2d7e58ad6cc7dd43a8a412d5
+revision = fd74739ae8a90cb91ef414e8ee3a6f5c92f51ae9
 path.default = ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/jezdez/hgstuff/
 username = Jannis Leidel <jannis@leidel.info>
 ssh = ssh -C
 ignore = ~/.hgstuff/.hgignore
+editor = mate
+mq =
+gpg =
 color =
 alias =
+churn =
 fetch =
 purge =
 rebase =
-hgext.mq =
-hgext.gpg =
-hgext.churn =
-hgext.convert =
-hgext.extdiff =
-hgext.graphlog = 
-hgext.bookmarks =
-hgext.highlight = 
-hgext.patchbomb =
+record =
+convert =
+extdiff =
+graphlog = 
+bookmarks =
+highlight = 
+patchbomb =
 svn = ~/.hgstuff/hgsubversion
 info = ~/.hgstuff/info.py
 localbranch = ~/.hgstuff/localbranch/localbranch.py
 bitbucketrepo = ~/.hgstuff/bitbucketextension/bitbucketrepo
+blame = annotate -u -n
+stat = status -mardc
+llog = log --limit 10
+yyxyslog = log --template '{date|shortdate} [{rev}:{node|short}] {author|person}: {desc|firstline}\n' -l 10
+sin = incoming --template '{date|shortdate} [{rev}:{node|short}] {author|person}: {desc|firstline}\n'
+sout = outgoing --template '{date|shortdate} [{rev}:{node|short}] {author|person}: {desc|firstline}\n'
+sheads = heads --template '{date|shortdate} [{rev}:{node|short}] {author|person}: {desc|firstline}\n'
+sglog = glog --template '[{rev}:{node|short}] by {author|person} \n{desc|fill68}\n\n'
 cmd.chdiff =
 opts.chdiff = --wait
 # for Changes.app
 changes.executable = chdiff
 changes.args = --wait $local $other
+style = monoblue
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