Jason Moiron committed 90dafaa

protect django 1.1.4 from DB_CACHE_KEYS issues

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 from warnings import warn
+import django
 from django.conf import settings
 from django.core.cache import get_cache, cache
             getattr(settings, 'JOHNNY_TABLE_BLACKLIST', []))
-DB_CACHE_KEYS = dict((name, db.get('JOHNNY_CACHE_KEY', name))
+# XXX: I've forgotten what JOHNNY_CACHE_KEY is exactly..
+if django.VERSION[1] >= 2:
+    DB_CACHE_KEYS = dict((name, db.get('JOHNNY_CACHE_KEY', name))
                      for name, db in settings.DATABASES.iteritems())
+    DB_CACHE_KEYS = {'default': 'default'}
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