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adding setup.cfg which makes distribute's "upload_docs" command work with johnny's fairly conventional sphinx docs structure

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 * addition of `TransactionCommittingMiddleware <queryset_cache.html#using-with-transactionmiddleware>`_
 * python 2.4 support
+Future Django 1.3 Support
+``johnny-cache`` is currently *not* compatible with Django 1.3b.  Version 0.2.1
+provides cache classes in the vein of the new cache classes for what will be
+Django 1.3, but johnny's transaction support is not functional in 1.3 yet.
+After 1.3 final is released, johnny 0.3 will be released, which will fully
+support 1.1-1.3.  If you need to run with 1.3 or django-trunk in the meantime,
+be mindful that Johnny can potentially cache (forever) reads that are done
+within a failing transaction, and please use it only if you are sure that this
+will not impact your application.
 In Depth Documentation
+upload-dir = docs/_build/html