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Johnny Cache is a caching framework for django applications. It works with the django caching abstraction, but was developed specifically with the use of memcached in mind. Its main feature is a patch on Django's ORM that automatically caches all reads in a consistent manner.

You can install johnny with pip:

pip install johnny-cache

You can fork johnny-cache from its hg repository:

hg clone

Please read The full documentation to Johnny Cache before using it.

Recent activity

Patrick Jenkins

Commits by Patrick Jenkins were pushed to jezdez/johnny-cache

318cbcc - A django.db.models.options.Options object is not guranteed to have a _related_objects_cache. Johnny-cache does not check to see if this is the case. We need to check ...
Jason Moiron

Commits by Jason Moiron were pushed to jezdez/johnny-cache

bcdb46c - fix for issue #56, save a per-project constant sentinel to the Cache, and treat that value as None for queries which return None, so that ...
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