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-include pep381run
+include pep381run processlogs
+This application implements a PyPI mirror application
+according to PEP 381.
+It is possible to run this application directly from the source
+distribution. Alternatively, 'python install' could be used.
+The actual mirroring is performed by the pep381run script, which
+should be invoked through cron like this::
+   */15 *  *   *   *     /path/pep381client/pep381run -q /var/pypi
+The command line arguments points to root of the data files that
+the mirror creates. An initial run (without the -q option) should
+be performed manually. It is possible to interrupt the mirroring;
+it will automatically know where to continue when restarted.
+In above example, /var/pypi/web must be served through the webserver.
+An Apache configuration could read like this::
+  <VirtualHost IPADDRESS:80>
+    ServerName
+    CustomLog /var/log/apache2/pypi.log combined
+    DocumentRoot /var/pypi/web
+  </VirtualHost>
+To propagate the download statistics back to the central server,
+processlogs must be run regularly, e.g. through::
+   10 7  *   *   *     /path/pep381client/processlogs /var/pypi /var/log/apache2/pypi.log{,.1}
+If you have questions or comments, please contact
       description='Mirroring tool that implements the client (mirror) side of PEP 381',
-      author=u'Martin v. Löwis'.encode("utf-8"),
+      long_description=open('README').read(),
+      author='Martin v. Loewis',
+      license = 'Academic Free License, version 3',
-      scripts=['pep381run']
+      scripts=['pep381run','processlogs']