Martin von Löwis committed b8346f7

Drop files_per_project, and sqlite conversion.

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         self.complete_projects = set()
         self.projects_to_do = set()
-        self.files_per_project = None # not used anymore, can go when tosqlite goes
         self.skip_file_contents = False


-# Convert dict-based synchronization status to sqlite
-import pep381client, sys
-s = pep381client.Synchronization.load(sys.argv[1])
-if not s.files_per_project:
-    print "Already converted"
-    raise SystemExit
-for project,files in s.files_per_project.items():
-    for file in files:
-        pep381client.sqlite.add_file(s.cursor, project, file, s.etags.get(file))
-del s.etags
-s.files_per_project = None
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