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Imports cleanup

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 __all__       = ['pofile', 'POFile', 'POEntry', 'mofile', 'MOFile', 'MOEntry',
                  'detect_encoding', 'escape', 'unescape', 'detect_encoding',]
+import array
+import codecs
 import os
-import codecs
+import re
 import struct
 import textwrap
 import types
-import re
 default_encoding = 'utf-8'
     >>> print(detect_encoding('tests/', True))
-    import re
     rx = re.compile(r'"?Content-Type:.+? charset=([\w_\-:\.]+)')
     def charset_exists(charset):
         Return the mofile binary representation.
         import array
-        import struct
-        import types
         offsets = []
         entries = self.translated_entries()
         # the keys are sorted in the .mo file