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Added setuptools plugin trove classifier to and added more documentation

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 from setuptools import setup
 long_description = """
-A plugin for setuptools to find files under Mercurial version control to be
-automatically included as package data.
-It works correctly with Mercurial 1.x and uses Mercurial's Python library by
-default. It will however fall back to use the command line programm hg(1) to
-determin the list of files.
+setuptools_hg is a plugin for setuptools that enables setuptools to find files
+under the Mercurial version control system.
+It uses the Mercurial Python library by default and falls back to use the
+command line programm ``hg(1)``. That's especially useful inside virtualenvs
+that don't have access to the system wide installed Mercurial lib (e.g. when
+created with ``--no-site-packages``).
+.. note:: The setuptools feature
+  You can read about the hooks used by setuptool_hg in the
+  `setuptools documentation`_. It basically returns a list of files that are
+  under Mercurial version control when running the ``setup`` function, e.g. if
+  you create a source and binary distribution. It's a simple yet effective way
+  of not having to define package data (non-Python files) manually in MANIFEST
+  templates (````).
+.. _setuptools documentation:
+Here's an example of a that uses setuptools_hg::
+    from setuptools import setup, find_packages
+    setup(
+        name="HelloWorld",
+        version="0.1",
+        packages=find_packages(),
+        setup_requires=["setuptools_hg"],
+    )
+If you run this setuptools will automatically download setuptools_hg
+to the directory where the is located at (and won't install it
+anywhere else) to get all package data files from the Mercurial repository.
+Set the ``HG_SETUPTOOLS_FORCE_CMD`` environment variable before running if you want to enforce the use of the hg command.
-    version='0.1.2',
+    version='0.1.3',
     author="Jannis Leidel",
         "Intended Audience :: Developers",
         "Operating System :: OS Independent",
         "License :: OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License (GPL)",
-        "Topic :: Software Development :: Version Control"
+        "Topic :: Software Development :: Version Control",
+        "Framework :: Setuptools Plugin",
     entry_points = {


 system which uses the Python library by default and falls back to use the
 command line programm hg(1).
-__version__ = '0.1.2'
+__version__ = '0.1.3'
 __author__ = 'Jannis Leidel'
 __all__ = ['hg_file_finder']