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fix #5

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 - fix a bug if the current distribution is not versionned with mercurial. [kiorky]
+- fix [kiorky]
 OLD_VERSIONS = ('1.0', '1.0.1', '1.0.2')
+PY3 = sys.version[0] == "3"
 if os.environ.get('HG_SETUPTOOLS_FORCE_CMD', False):
     hg = None
         # Let's behave a bit nicer and return nothing if something fails.
         return []
-    return stdout.splitlines()
+    if not PY3:
+        output = stdout.splitlines()
+    else:
+        output = (x.decode('utf-8') for x in stdout.splitlines())
+    return output
 def find_files_with_lib(dirname):
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