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 bb2fb9c5991c13d14225424a8d63a455b04926eb stableish
 bb2fb9c5991c13d14225424a8d63a455b04926eb stableish
 92e1d7754d192043c6eb3c0f7538b7345b26f505 stableish
+92e1d7754d192043c6eb3c0f7538b7345b26f505 stableish
+dbbb515d88cbef75d92864f2ada0ba27b9c487a6 stableish


             # Uniques need merging
             added_uniques = added_uniques.union(afu)
-            deleted_uniques = deleted_uniques.union(dfu)
+            for mkey, entry in dfu:
+                deleted_uniques.add((mkey, entry, last_orm[mkey]))
         ### Added model ###
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