Andrew Godwin committed f44c3e3

Fix #226 - app names with underscores

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             self.create_index(table_name, [field.column], unique=True)
     def _alter_sqlite_table(self, table_name, field_renames={}):
-        model_name = table_name.replace('_', '.', 1)
-        model = self.current_orm[model_name]
+        # Detect the model for the given table name
+        model = None
+        for omodel in self.current_orm:
+            if omodel._meta.db_table == table_name:
+                model = omodel
+        if model is None:
+            raise ValueError("Cannot find ORM model for '%s'." % table_name)
         temp_name = table_name + "_temporary_for_schema_change"
         self.rename_table(table_name, temp_name)
         # Reset AppCache
+    def __iter__(self):
+        return iter(self.models.values())
     def __getattr__(self, key):
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