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First draft of the Transifex 0.7-RC1 release notes.

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 /*** setup ***/
 html { background:#002136;}
 body { font:12px/1.5 Verdana,sans-serif; background:#002136; color: white;}
-#custom-doc { width:76.54em;*width:74.69em;min-width:995px; max-width:100em; margin:auto; text-align:left; padding-top:16px; margin-top:0;} 
+#custom-doc { width:86.54em;*width:74.69em;min-width:995px; max-width:100em; margin:auto; text-align:left; padding-top:16px; margin-top:0;} 
 #hd { padding: 4px 0 12px 0; }
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+#yui-main div.yui-b img { max-width: 55em; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; display: block; }
 caption { font-size:1em; font-weight:bold; margin-top:0.5em; margin-bottom:0.5em; margin-left: 2px; text-align: center; }
 blockquote { padding: 0 1em; margin: 1em 0; font:125%/1.2em "Trebuchet MS", sans-serif; color:#234f32; border-left:2px solid #94da3a; } 
 strong { font-weight: bold; }
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+img.shot { clear: right; margin-left: 2em !important; margin-top: 0.5em; border: 3px solid #f5f5f5; padding: 10px; float: right; }
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 div.section p, div.section dd { text-align: justify; }
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+div.footer { font-size: 90%; margin-bottom: 2em; color: #aaa; }

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 # other places throughout the built documents.
 # The short X.Y version.
-version = '0.6'
+version = '0.7'
 # The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
-release = '0.6'
+release = '0.7-devel'
 # There are two options for replacing |today|: either, you set today to some
 # non-false value, then it is used:

File docs/releases/0.6.txt

 Welcome to the Transifex 0.6 release, codenamed Apocalypse_.
 This release marks a major release in the advancement of Transifex, and includes
-a number of new exciting new features and many, many bugfixes. It is currently
-scheduled to be released in late April 2009 and is targeted for new
-installations of Transifex and parties who choose to migrate to a new major
-version and enjoy the new features.
+a number of new exciting new features and many, many bugfixes. It was released
+in late April 2009 and is targeted for new installations of Transifex and
+parties who choose to migrate to a new major version and enjoy the new features.
 Transifex 0.6 is intended for production use.
 tarball but reside on the Transifex server itself. In the future, translations
 could be sent to an email address too.
-**Warning**: Clearing the local cache of tarball brings in a newly pulled
-tarball, overwriting the local files. Projects enabling submissions to tarballs
-should note that any submissions sent would be overwritten with a fresh extract
-of the tarball from the remote server.
+.. warning::
+    Clearing the local cache of tarball brings in a newly pulled
+    tarball, overwriting the local files. Projects enabling submissions to
+    tarballs should note that any submissions sent would be overwritten with a
+    fresh extract of the tarball from the remote server.
 User Notifications

File docs/releases/0.7.txt

+.. _releases-0.7:
+ Transifex version 0.7.x release notes
+Transifex 0.7-RC1 (Pyro) 火
+Welcome to the Transifex 0.7-RC1 release, codenamed Pyro_.
+  Early August 2009
+This is the pre-release of 0.7, aimed to encourage testing and thus catching
+bugs early on.
+Transifex 0.7 is intended for production use and is targeted for new
+installations of Transifex and parties who choose to migrate to a new major
+version and enjoy the new features.
+Here's a 40K-foot view of the release in numbers::
+    236 files changed, 51520 insertions(+), 23895 deletions(-)
+What's new in Transifex 0.7
+The following major features were introduced in this release.
+Online Translation Editor
+One of the often requested features in Transifex was an online translation
+editor. Users would like to perform simple translation tasks straight from
+their browser.
+Transifex 0.7 includes an exciting feature in beta mode: 'Lotte', the
+lightweight online translation editor.
+Projects which have enabled translation submission get a new icon, which
+translators can click to translate through the browser. Of course, the choice
+of uploading normal translated files still applies.
+Note that currently Lotte is enabled only for files with less than 100 strings.
+Improvements to the interface to enable efficient handling of larger files are
+scheduled with a next release.
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_lotte.png
+   :class: shot2 alcenter
+More control to Project Maintainers
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_edit-project.png
+   :class: shot2
+This release features a major addition to the Transifex engine, which unlocks
+a multitude of new possibilities for controlling who can do what on the
+service. Support is now included for fine-grained permission control, allowing
+the definition of access control lists for a variety of actions.
+These fine-grained permissions come *in addition* to the global permission
+support Transifex includes. One user of your deployment can have the permission
+"Can do Foo on any project", and another one the "Can do Foo on project Bar"
+Project details control
+Project maintainers are now able to modify the details of their projects. They
+can alter the associated information, control the components they have
+registered and the releases they are assigned to.
+Registering projects
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_acl.png
+   :class: shot2
+Transifex now allows users to register their own projects. People who do this
+automatically become maintainers of the project, and later on they can choose
+to pass on the maintainership to other people, or simply add more people on
+the maintainers list.
+To enable this feature, the admin needs to give the permission
+'projects.add_project' to the group of users with the name 'registered'.
+This can be done as usual from the admin panel.
+Per-project submitters list
+Project maintainers are now able to choose who can submit files to their
+repository. This can help the maintainer form a group of translators who he
+trusts, which is specific to his project. Using a special form, one can add
+one by one the translators they trust.
+Additionally, users themselves can request access to a project. The maintainer
+will be notified with this request and act upon it. The user has the choice to
+revoke his request, if he chooses so.
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_request-submit-access.png
+   :class: shot2 alcenter
+Submissions via email
+In addition to submitting files to remote versioning systems over SSH,
+Transifex now supports submission via email to the project maintainers. This
+could be useful for setup scenarios such as the following:
+1. The content repository is living behind a firewall and/or NAT, making
+   external connections harder to configure and manage.
+2. The upstream repository does not allow SSH access (eg. it only supports
+   ``https``).
+3. The repository pulls from a tarball hosted on the net (eg. it's an archived
+   release), to which Transifex has no way to submit files.  
+4. The maintainer chooses to have a tighter control of what is landing in his
+   repository.
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_submit-via-email.png
+   :class: shot2 alcenter
+.. note::
+    Submissions via email are **not** stored on the Transifex server. The
+    translation statistics are not updated with the commit, since there is no
+    way to know if the maintainer is indeed going to commit the file in his
+    repository.
+User Profiles
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_avatar.png
+   :class: shot2
+Transifex 0.7 features a brand new backend for user account and profile
+management. Users are able to include information about themselves and manage
+their account in detail. Here are some of the features supported:
+- Avatar support
+- Google Maps Integration for specifying the user's exact location
+- Standard account features: Register for a new account, login/logout
+- Password management (change password, recover lost one, etc.)
+- Email address modification 
+- Ability to clear profile information
+.. warning::
+    OpenID was dropped in this release. The plan is to re-add it in a next
+    release, depending on the feedback from our users. 
+Publican-like I18n Support
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_publican.png
+   :class: shot2
+This new i18n support method allows handling of Publican-like documents. These
+include multiple source and translation files, allowing more than one people
+translating the same language by working on different files at the same time.
+Publican is the base tool for building the Fedora Project documents such as
+the Release Notes.
+Other new features
+.. image:: ../_screenshots/0.7/0.7_zebra.png
+   :class: shot2
+- Preliminary setuptools support
+- Add user to a default 'registered' group
+- Speed improvements across the platform
+- Added zebra style to the stats tables
+- Divided Component form in tabs and fixed the validation issues
+- Added toggle to expand and collapse the multi source files div #220
+- Added tooltip for submission note
+- Added missed option to delete releases
+- Made base template inheritable for easier overriding.
+- Added support for dynamic Table Of Contents in pages.
+- Added option in settings to enable download of compressed files
+- Added number of languages and projects to the index view
+- Added templatetag get_latest_projects
+- Support for new languages:
+  - Asturian (ast)
+  - Esperanto (eo)
+  - Irish (ga)
+  - Kashmiri (ks)
+  - Kirgyz (ky)
+  - Latin (la)
+  - Xhosa (xh)
+- Made the current user the maintainer when adding a project
+- Replaced django-evolution with South
+- Added 0.6-0.7 schema migration
+- Catalan (xconde)
+- Chinese Simplified (tiansworld)
+- Greek (thalia)
+- Hungarian (peti)
+- Polish (Piotr Drąg)
+- Russian (aguskov)
+- Slovak (palos)
+- Spanish (elsupergomez)
+Bugfixes from previous release
+The following issues have been fixed in this release:
+- Aggregate untranslated strings also for single files
+- Added support to hidden fields to the form_as_table_rows templatetag
+- Added filter for VCS stuff (i.e. .hg/) be ignored by default #91
+- Added CharField validation for ValidRegexField as well
+- The component unit_subforms must be loaded always
+- Changed name of the body block to make Tx compatible with others django apps
+- Added evolution for Component.submission_type (#227)
+- Collection slug should be unique
+- Query releases on the database by id and not by slug
+- Added evolution for Collection.slug (#231)
+- Ignore svn externals
+- Forward compatible import for clean_tree.
+- Flatpages are now by default considered in Markdown format.
+- Checking proper permission for submitting a file #246
+- Removed obsolete 'release' application templates.
+- Catching TypeError exception when looking for files
+- Correct urls for changing email in the notices page
+- Correct contact info for language addition.
+- Split up project_create_update view for having different perms
+- Fix / improve the English messages in several files
+- Not needed granular permission for adding a project
+- Enabled editor user to enter the admin panel
+- Permission check missed in language multi-file template
+- Find object for checking perm by using the slug__exact
+- Added a tooltip for the access control part of the project
+- Avoided query slowness for generic relations
+- Added support for Tibetan language
+- Added index to is_pot and filename in the POFile model
+- Ordering list by language_code for stats grouping
+- Removed unneeded admin registration
+- Fixed duplication in the get_langs method
+- Calculate stats only on file change within the repo
+- form_as_table_rows must display errors for hidden fields
+- Projects maintainers are required now
+- Dropped using of custom revision field
+- More permissions checks in templates for "Add Project" etc.
+- Avoid choking in PO viewing when a file has incorrect encoding.
+- Re-enabled custom revision field
+- Added permission request feature for projects
+- Return endif template tag left out by mistake.
+- Fixed component.set_unit method (#270)
+- Added installation tip for database encoding (by Og Maciel).
+- Clean POFile objects when a component i18n type changes
+Upgrading to 0.7
+The following dependencies were *added* in this version:
+- Imaging (Python Imaging Library, PIL)
+- polib
+- django-authority
+- South
+- userprofile
+The following dependencies were *removed* in this version:
+- python-openid
+- django-evolution
+For instructions on how to install them, refer to the
+:ref:`Installation docs <intro-install>`. You'll need to complete this step
+before actually doing the database upgrade.
+Upgrade instructions
+Transifex includes script which will automatically migrate your database to
+the new schema. All you need to do, from a clean 0.6 schema, is run the
+    ./ syncdb
+    ./ migrate 0001_initial --all --fake
+    ./ migrate
+The following people have contributed to this release, with one way or another:
+- Dimitris Glezos
+- Diego Búrigo Zacarão
+- Jannis Leidel
+- John Beredimas
+- Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams
+- Dimitris Bousis
+- Og Maciel
+- John Gakos
+- Manolis Kiagias
+- Professor Charles Xavier
+For a list of our awesome translators, refer to the `Translations`_ section.
+.. _Pyro:

File docs/releases/index.txt

 .. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 2
+   0.7

File transifex/webtrans/

         if not attrs:
             attrs = {}
-        attrs.update({'rows': calculate_rows(entry), 'cols': 50,})
+        attrs.update({'rows': calculate_rows(entry), 'cols': 30,})
         if not widget:
         super(MessageField, self).__init__(attrs, widget=widget,