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 # Ignore this changeset because it contains the nuclear launch code that Billy included
 a4988662d998b8d986bdaec43079475827aa31d0 # The "launch" code commit
+=== What does a user do if changesets are rejected ===
+If you are trying to push some changesets to the server but the push is rejected because some of the changesets are excluded from the repository, then likely you should:
+# Read any messages from the person who specifically interdicted the changesets.
+# Determine in your local repository if you have committed anything on top of these bad changesets.
+# If you have committed stuff on top of these bad changesets then move your changesets to another part of the commit tree, using say ((('hg export'}}} and {{{'hg import'}}}, or using rebase, or using transplant, or the mq extension. (Now would likely be a good time to use {{{'hg clone'}}} to make a "dummy" clone of the repository just in case you stuff up the history editing.)
+# Locally use {{{'hg strip' }}} to get rid of the bad changesets and their descendants.
+See [[|editing history]] and in particular [[|rebasing]], [[|transplant]] and [[|strip]]