Jason Harris avatar Jason Harris committed 199fdd9

- Swap out a scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:... for a performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: call.

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-- (void) putUpGeneratingDifferencesNotice:(NSTimer*)theTimer
+- (void) putUpGeneratingDifferencesNotice:(RegenerationTaskController*)theRegenerationTaskContoller
-	RegenerationTaskController* theRegenerationTaskContoller = [theTimer userInfo];
 	if ([self taskIsStale:[theRegenerationTaskContoller taskNumber]])
 	if ([[theRegenerationTaskContoller shellTask] isRunning])
 		currentRegenerationTask_ = currentRegenerationTaskController;
-	// FIXME deque all old timers for this target and name.
-	// If the webscriptObject is now nil then reload the page.
-	[NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:0.5 target:self selector:@selector(putUpGeneratingDifferencesNotice:) userInfo:currentRegenerationTaskController repeats:NO];
+	// FIXME : If the webscriptObject is now nil then reload the page.
+	[self performSelector:@selector(putUpGeneratingDifferencesNotice:) withObject:currentRegenerationTaskController afterDelay:0.5];
 	dispatch_async(globalQueue(), ^{
 		if ([self taskIsStale:[currentRegenerationTaskController taskNumber]]) return;
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