Jason Harris committed 2bfaacf

- Disable the restore of the first responder since weird things are happening here for the
commit files sheet when we force this restore since it somehow thinks the first
responder is the stable view even though we have explicitly set it to be the commit
message TextView.

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 - (void) restoreViewerSelectionState:(FSViewerSelectionState*)savedState
 	NSArray* savedSelectedPaths            = [savedState savedSelectedPaths];
-	BOOL     restoreFirstResponderToViewer = [savedState restoreFirstResponderToViewer];
 	NSValue* savedScrollPositionValue	   = [[savedState savedColumnScrollPositions] firstObject];
 	FSNodeInfo* rootNode				   = [parentViewer_ rootNodeInfo];
 		NSUInteger row = [rowsToBeSelected firstIndex];
 		[self scrollRowToVisible:row];
-	if (restoreFirstResponderToViewer)
-		[[self window] makeFirstResponder:self];