P4D2::MacHg hangs every time I look at the History view

Jay Rogers avatarJay Rogers created an issue

Hi. I'm a UI designer, not a developer. I am using MacHG to manage a lot of big binary PSD files, but my repo is quite small in terms of # of files.

Every time I try to click the view with the lines and dots (no tooltip on this button, so no idea what the program calls it - but it's between the delta and the file folder view) macHG hangs. Several restarts now and no change. Any suggestions?

p.s. this happens for every single repo I have, even the ones that have code in them, not just my UI assets repo.

update: I uninstalled macHG and then reinstalled it from a new download, now works correctly.

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  1. Jason Harris

    You mean this view? (It's the history view under the view menu...)

    I am not sure what happened... But thanks for the report. It's good to know it was transient... Per-chance did you run it and then while it was running drag the application from the downloads folder to the applications folder or something? Other people have reported something similar...

    Thanks! Jas

  2. Anonymous

    Well, I wouldn't say it was transient. macHG was unusable until I uninstalled and replaced the app. Transient to me means it happens sometimes and doesn't other times.

    I didn't do any dragging of the app while running, though. Just normal usage. One morning poof no History View.

    If you can put tooltips on those View buttons that would be kind of cool.

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