P3D2::Password field in "Add and Clone Server Repository" is unintuitive

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Issue #101 resolved
Martin Martin created an issue

When cloning a repository (or, adding a server repository) that is available via http(s), the Password field expects the whole login part of the URL (username:password@), but not just the password (see attached screen shot).

When only entering the password, the constructed URL does not contain a well-formed login part, for example:

{{{ $ chg identify --cwd /tmp --rev 0 https://strongpasswordSERVERNAME/PATH abort: HTTP Error 404: Not Found }}}

Thus, that dialog should ask for a username and a password. Then, MacHg could construct a proper URL.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Ahhh I can see your confusion.

    Actually the URL is meant to be something like:


    and then the password is meant to be entered separately and meant to be something like:falmingo. Then the full url that MacHg uses internally is then https://jason:flamingo@someserver.com/somepath.

    I should have a link here to the help. Thanks for the report. Its not a critical problem but it should get fixed...

    Thanks! Jason

  2. Dan Greuel

    It would be much better (and more intuitive) to have a separate username field that would automatically change, for example, "@" into "%40" in the URL.

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