P3D2::Feature request for closing branches

Issue #109 resolved
Marko Käning
created an issue

Hi Jason,

I think it would be probably a nice feature to be able to mark a branch as closed directly from the "Labels" list a la {{{ hg ci --close-branch }}}

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  1. Marko Käning reporter

    Hi Jason,

    I'd also suggest a dedicated design of a close branch's head. Perhaps not a dot, but a short horizontal bar at the top of such a branch. That would make the tree graph more understandable.

    Greets, Marko

  2. Jason Harris repo owner

    This was aded a while ago and now in the latest beta you can manage the branches (close /add ) a branch etc. So I will go ahead and close this.

    Thanks again Marko!

    Cheers, Jason

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