P4D2::Allow reorganization of files via drag/drop in browser view

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Issue #129 open
JD Fagan created an issue

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that after I commit an empty directory (via a .emptydir file), I then cannot simply drag and drop an existing versioned file within MacHG onto this new folder? Seems like an important common daily use case to handle for the UI..

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    You want to move the file from one directory to another? Ie something like repo/billy/bob.txt to repo/fish/bob.txt through drag and drop?

    As of now, you can do this in the finder, and then do an add-remove in MacHg and it will automatically detect the "rename". Mercurial really doesn't want to make this too easy in case one accidentally does this. Moving a file in many revision control systems in general is something of a non-trivial thing...

    What do others think about this? Would it be desirable to allow this?

  2. JD Fagan reporter

    Yeah, just wanted to re-org stuff. I didn't realize I could do it in Finder directly and then just hit AddRemove for it to auto-magically deal with it. I was thinking that would mess it up (like it does in Subversion if I move files via the OS). So you're work-around at least prevents me from having to go to the terminal :) I'll leave it to the rest of you to debate if you actually want it also in the MacHG UI.

  3. Jason Harris repo owner

    Thinking about this, if one did allow the drag and drop, what would happen, would the result of the drag and drop look like an add remove?

  4. JD Fagan reporter

    I think in general that is a good way..

    Some cases to ponder how you want to handle it visually:

    • drag Unknown file to existing versioned folder (Unknown file gets added)
    • drag unmodified versioned file to Unknown folder (Unknown folder gets added, prior versioned file shows remove, new versioned file shows add)
    • drag Modified versioned file to Unknown folder (Unknown folder gets added, prior versioned file shows 2 icon overlays? - modified + remove, new modified file location shows 2 icon overlays? - modified + add)
    • drag Unknown file to existing Unknown folder (leave both as Unknown icons)
  5. Jason Harris repo owner

    I could maybe see this. Its not so high up on the priorities, but yep maybe one day...

    Do you want to add it? :)

    Cheers, Jas

  6. JD Fagan reporter

    I'm going to start studying your codebase today and see if I can start to help. Maybe start with something easier than this to start with though :) Do you prefer that I fork from this codebase to potentially work on code or can I simply just clone this repo and push changes to it after testing it out locally?

  7. Jason Harris repo owner

    That would of course be fantastic if you can contribute! Actually the best way is probably to fork the code, and play with it (that way I can look over what you are doing...) then when you have specific fixes, then email me the patch files. Once you find your feet after a couple of commits back and forth I will open up the repository for you to go hog wild :)

    Actually if I had to recomend a few training bugs I would go with: #133 (You sent this in...:) ) Or maybe #137. I can probably come up with a few others if they don't look appetizing :)

    Cheers, Jas

  8. Özgür Akgün

    I'd like this feature.

    I tend to use MacHg as a much enhanced Finder-replacement.

    For me to use it as one, its feature-set has to be a super-set of that of Finder. Of course I am not saying you promise anything like this or should strictly follow this policy, just saying this feature would let me keep using MacHg as a Finder replacement.


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