P3D3::Show full name of long filenames (and full path) when in browser view

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Issue #139 resolved
JD Fagan created an issue

See attachments. When using browser view, the columns listing format can be quite narrow for long filenames. I propose a slight UI enhancement to the Browser view to show the full name at the bottom of MacHg UI (like is done in Finder - 2nd attachment). Even better would be to show the full path to this file along with the full name (like in Finder) if possible.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    The breadcrumb trail as the finder has along the bottom is a good suggestion. I like it. I think I'll do it :)

    The browse panel to the right hand side, I can play with again. I actually already added it to MacHg but it moves the display often to far to the right, and unlike the finder situation, its often quite nice to be able to see the root.

    Anyway the option inside MacHg is ShowFilePreviewInBrowser but its currently not hooked up to anything in the preferences dialog.

    For instance if you change to the following you can test this feature:

    - (NSViewController*) browser:(NSBrowser*) browser previewViewControllerForLeafItem:(id)item
    //	if (!ShowFilePreviewInBrowserFromDefaults())
    //		return nil;
    	if (!browserLeafPreviewController_)
    		browserLeafPreviewController_ = [[NSViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"BrowserPreviewView" bundle:[NSBundle bundleForClass:[self class]]];
    	return browserLeafPreviewController_; // NSBrowser will set the representedObject for us
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