Export patch also from uncommitted changes?

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Issue #14 resolved
Marko Käning created an issue

While sending you my patches I missed the possibility to actually create a patch against the current changes.

  • My first patch submission was only possible after I had checked in my changes.*

  • The second patch submission (after cloning your repo anew) I did eventually manually on the command line, since I couldn't find a way to gain a patch against uncommitted changes.

I think it would be nice feature!

*) This however brought my repo in a different state than your original and pulling in your changes brought a really weird result, since MacHg showed suddenly changes for ALL files. It messed up somehow...

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Excellent point. I had thought about this too. The thing is I am going to overhaul this patches import / export a great deal and have a cross between queues & attic. But yes this should get done.


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