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Issue #154 resolved
Maya Studios created an issue

It would be nice to have a list view in MacHg that would only display files that have a status other than "unchanged" (including in particular "modified" and "unversioned" files). It's somewhat similar to the list you already get in the commit dialog but with this view one would be able to select certain files to be committed more easily than browsing a file tree (like in the "Browser view").

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Thanks for your comment!

    Yes a number of people have asked for this. Thanks foo taking the time to post this. (Its nice to know what users want.)

    Thus I have this planned for sometime in the future.

    See #56

  2. Maya Studios reporter

    Just a note: Currently it is not possible to commit only some files from different folder in the same revision. This would then be possible with the list view.

    For example this isn't possible (assuming all files are modified):

    • dir1/file1 <-- commit
    • dir1/file2 <-- don't commit
    • dir2/file3 <-- commit
    • dir2/file4 <-- don't commit
  3. Jason Harris repo owner
    • changed component to UI

    Actually happily your last point is working and very easy to do right now. Just select dir1 and dir2 and then bring up the commit sheet. Then in the lhs where the flat files are, select dir1/file2 and dir2/file4 and then click the "-" button. Then commit the files. Simple :)

    But yep, it will also be possible from the flat files view...

    Thanks Sebastian!

    Cheers, Jas

  4. Maya Studios reporter

    Ah - it didn't know this. Perhaps you could add a checkbox to every item in the list to make this more clear.

  5. Jason Harris repo owner

    When I do the flat files view I will likely use the same base view for both and I will do this then... Also it will be changing for hunk level commits.

    But you are right a check box might otherwise be a good suggestion... If anyone wants to do this in the meantime I am happy to accept this as a patch :)

    Cheers, Jas

  6. Kra Larivain

    There's no voting system, so I'll just a comment saying: +1. Adding a List view (aka tree view) would be really useful in some cases.

    Are you open to external contributions for this kind of features? I might take a look into it if I have some free time in a near future.

  7. Robert Kluin

    What is the status of this issue? Has anyone done any work on it?

    How do you see it realting to "integrate better unified diff display"?

  8. Jason Harris repo owner

    Unfortunately I haven't had any time to work on this. My "real-world" job has been really busy over the last maybe 3-4 months. I will definitely get to this. I use MacHg myself every day and this and other things need to be improved. I just can't say when this will occur...

    (And you are correct that it is definitely related to an integrated unified diff tool. (In fact I have such a thing working in prototypes for changes to import and other sheets, but nothing to show universally yet...)

    I am truly sorry to not be able to give you a time estimate...

    Cheers, Jas

  9. Robert Kluin

    We can all relate to being too busy, so no worries. I personally find this to be a critical feature; enough so that I have to use other tools in conjunction with MacHg.

    I started looking at this a bit over the weekend; I figured it probably makes more sense to coordinate with you instead of me just adding something in for myself. Particularly since I'm an Objective-C newbie (though I'm experienced in C).

    I personally find a view that shows me the revision list, then gives me a flattened list of changed files, then, preferably, a nice simple diff view to be the most valuable. Effectively, something like Murky -- in fact, if we could embed Murky as a view that would be perfect for me.

    What type of vision do you have for this feature? Are your most-recent changes with the diff view somewhere I'm able to pull from?

  10. Jason Harris repo owner

    Actually my most recent changes used some javascript formatting to print into a web view (I basically had to use javascript for something, and so since I knew a bit about javascript I lifted the code from Git-x :) )

    The list view of the files will be quite easy. The diff view of Murky is very basic.

    Its just a matter of finding the time to spin back up and then maybe 2 or 3 solid days on it... I can give you some basic projects to cut your teeth on in MacHg and then after that I can outline the vision for this. Basically the "BrowserView" will be renamed the "FilesView" and it will be able to flip between a browser, flat files, or outline view of the files. And below o to the right of this would be a collapsable panel containing the diff.

    Email me at jason@jasonfharris.com to get started on some smaller projects :)

    Cheers, Jas

  11. Jason Harris repo owner

    BTW the changes to import are now pushed to bit bucket. What do people think of the changes to Import Patches? Do they look nice. If this was what was used in the integrated diff view would it be acceptable to others aesthetics? :)

    Cheers, Jas

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