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I just downloaded MacHG. I have my repository on google code. Downloaded it but the history keeps on blinking. A second is there, the next second it just says "loading" on each line. It is so unpleasant to the eye that it is hardly usable, beside it looks like every time it has loaded it will show the list from the top, so it is not possible to scroll. Also I cannot see a lit of the files that have been downloaded, even though the files have been downloaded into my machine

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
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    This is likely a problem with Google code. Can I get you to try MacHg with some repository not on google code to confirm. Ie download anything off bitbucket. Eg MacHg... I just want to confirm that MacHg is otherwise working on your machine:

    For a summary of the google code problem see: http://jasonfharris.com/machg/faq/index.php/article/googlecode-problems

    Hopefully I will have a solution to this soon... (See also #92)

    Cheers, Jas

  2. Jason Harris repo owner

    - Fix issue 148. We need to abandon and cut off the repository data when we switch the view to the backing view. - What was happening is that the old RepositoryData was still in existence and listening to notifications even though the document didn't point to it. Thus, when a kUnderlyingRepositoryChanged was generally posted this limbo RepositoryData was still trying to update itself. But while the limbo Repository data was trying to update itself it had problems during the update since the repository no longer existed on disk, so it asked for another update which again triggered the limbo repository to ask for an update, etc. Meanwhile the good repository that the document actually pointed to was also observing these repeated notifications to keep updating and so it flickered as lots and lots of updates took place... All of this wound the CPU right up. - Thus I think this accounts for the flicking and high CPU usage. - It also Fixes #158, Fixes #164, Fixes #173, Fixes #178, and Addresses #179.


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