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Issue #166 resolved
Ryan Powell
created an issue

When cloning a repository and modifying the folder name in the local path, the autofill prevents the user from selecting a name that's similar, but shorter than, a folder that already exists in the path. For example - if I have "Repository Master" that I choose to clone, the default name is "Repository MasterClone" but I want it to be called "Repository". I move the cursor to the end and start deleting, which works just fine for "Clone" Once I try to delete "Master" it just starts highlighting the word, and "Master" only goes away once I delete from "Repository" to be no longer unique in the path (deleting to "Repo" will finally get rid of "Master", as there is another file "report" in the directory, so autofill can't uniquely identify "Repository Master"). As soon as I add letters back to "Repository", it autofills to "Repository Master" again.

Also, when first typing "Repository Master" after the "Re" it autofills "RECYCLER". After typing "p", the autofill goes away, but it left the capitol "E" in place, meaning my name is now "REpository Master"

Desired behavior: invoke autofill with tab, bash-style, or provide autofill options in a selectable list Safari-style.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Fixed in fd115d8a8557 and b46a5b92545f b46a5b92545f

    I think if I was going to have autofill now I would have a safari autofill style. It can be done with completionsForPartialWordRange:indexOfSelectedItem: and the like but looking at this now I don't think the completion thing is such a good idea since unlike safari we very rarely want to complete to an existing path, whereas safari always wants to complete to a previous path...

    Anyway the annoying behavior is now gone...

    Thanks, Jas

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