P3D3::MacHg handles ignoring root files the wrong way

Issue #172 open
Maya Studios
created an issue

To reproduce this problem:

Create a new repository

Create the following two files "index.php" and "subdir/index.php" directly in the repository directory (where the .hg directory resides)

Right click on the "index.php" in the root directory and select "Ignore Selected Files".

Now //both// index.php files are ignored. This happens because MacHg simply adds the line "index.php" to the ".hgignore" file. However this line makes Mercurial ignore //all// index.php files - and not only the one in the root directory.

To solve this problem one need to edit the .hgignore file manually (and need to use the regexp syntax, as the glob syntax doesn't work). However, MacHg seems to be assuming the glob syntax in the .hgignore file which might lead to unexpected results due to the syntax change.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    To solve this, the "Ignore Selected Files" menu item should put up a sheet where you can choose to:

    1. ignore all items with name : blah-blah
    2. ignore just some/path/to/file/blah-blah

    With maybe some other choices... This should be added to MacHg

    Thanks for the report, Jas

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