P3D2::crash when switching multiple times between browser view and remote repository

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Issue #176 resolved
GernotS created an issue

When I repeatedly switch between the browser-view of a local repository (located somewhere in my Dropbox-directory) and the corresponding (bitbucket) remote repo, MacHg crashes without and notification.

Console message: 16.01.11 19:56:39 com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[205] ([0x0-0x243243].com.jasonfharris.MachHg[30597]) Exited abnormally: Broken pipe 16.01.11 19:57:51 MacHg[35220] NSWindow does not support utility styleMask 0x10

Happens on both iMac and MacBookPro, both running 10.6.6) and MacHg 0.9.12.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Sorry to get back to this only now... Can you reproduce this?

    If not I will regrettably close as not reproducible. Unfortunately these things if they are not reproducible are really really really hard to pin down. It could be any number of things and having a bug around with no idea of how to reproduce it is problematic. Thus I'll close the bug.

    However, by the sounds of it you can actually reproduce this. If so can you send me the document. If not can and you know a little about programming / XCode can I get you to compile MacHg from sources... (Its really easy the instructions are on the wiki) and then reproduce the bug and find out where it is going wrong in the code. This would be a great help...

    Just go right ahead and reopen this bug if you can reproduce your problem...

    Thanks! Jas

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