P4D3::Cmd+Return does not work in "Add Revision Label" dialog

Issue #182 resolved
Former user created an issue

In the "Add Revision Label" dialog of version 0.9.13:

When holding down Cmd to show the hotkeys, a small Return symbol appears underneath the OK button.

However, pressing Cmd+Return does nothing.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Well... holding down the command key gives you the shortcut key hints, in all the sheets. But, if you look you will see there is actually no "cmd" key symbol in front of the return key. Thus just hitting plain old return will do the desired trick, ie add the given tag.

    Thus this is the intended behavior. I have wondered about removing the shortcut key hint entirely for this return keys, but on balance I think its better to have them...

    I'll close this as designed but if anyone has another opinion I am happy to hear it...

    Thanks, Jas

  2. Anonymous

    Ah alright, my mistake.

    Pressing Enter regularly doesn't work when you're in the "commit message" text area though, which is why I was looking for the shortcut key.

    Couldn't hurt to accept both, perhaps?

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