P2D2::Can't select original repo for pull after adding server repo clone

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Issue #183 resolved
Former user created an issue
  • Add new server repo of Kiln repo
  • Test the connection, looks OK
  • Create a new clone of the server repo
  • Says 'Creating clone...' or similar in the status for a while
  • Clone is now created, looks good so far
  • Try to pull latest changes from the server repo - not in list. You have to select 'Allow pull from any repo' option

Let me know if you have any questions. The list of repos in the push/pull options has been a little off on my machine for a while and I'm wondering whether it's got itself out of sync at some point. I can't remember what I did when it started going a bit funny but it was shortly after the latest update.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    This actually is along the lines of the problems here:

    http://machghelp.jasonfharris.com/kb/general/googlecode-problems http://machghelp.jasonfharris.com/kb/general/support-for-hg-svn

    I'll be putting in some general fixes for this shortly.

    However, in the meantime, can I get you to try the same thing with bitbucket. Ie make an account here if you don't have one then create an account here and do the same steps. Does the repository appear in the pull down?

    Thanks for the report! Cheers, Jas

  2. Jason Harris repo owner

    Also can I get you to log in so I can message you and can I get you to do the same steps as #136 and see what you find...

    Thanks, Jas

  3. codeman38

    I'm still experiencing this with several Google Code repos in version 0.9.21 (40146986446e)-- see attached screenshot.

    Oddly, it works perfectly fine once I remove the remote repo from the sidebar, but as long as it's in the sidebar it doesn't show up in the pull list.

  4. codeman38

    Never mind; found #205 and the fix mentioned there (adding the response from 'hg identify' to the remote repo properties) worked.

    Edit: And now I see this is mentioned in the "MacHg Repository Identities" entry in the help file, and the Google Code page on the FAQs. Don't know how I missed that... ::facepalm::

  5. Jason Harris repo owner

    No problem... Its a somewhat tricky thing and its buried a bit. I just wish it could auto-detect it. The first time you add it through MacHg and then clone from it, the details would be filled in correctly... But you are right I wish this was smoother :)

    Thanks for the comments though...

    Cheers! Jas

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