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Issue #186 wontfix
Joe Workman created an issue

It would be awesome if we were able to at least have a readonly view of BitBucket issues inside MacHg. I have so many small projects in bitbucket, I would LOVE to have a consolidated place to view the issues list for each project.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Hi Joe,

    I can imagine better integration might be something quite nice here. I just looked at the bitbucket API's and they are exposed so it would be quite possible to do a sync and get the issues... However this would entail quite a lot of work. Maybe 3 solid days or so to get something pretty much working and another 3 for small bugs and polish etc... Also right now there is a pretty clear separation between MacHg and Issue tracking.

    It would be possible just though web kit to get a view of the page though. That would be quite easy but I don't know if lots of people would use it...

    For now I will just put it in the pile of good ideas which would take a lot of time and it is way down the queue. (So regrettably I won't do this anytime soon. If there is a big demand from lots of people I am open to changing my mind here... :) )

    But thanks for the report!! Its nice to hear about things I didn't think about...

    Cheers, Jas

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