P3D2::Add support for pull/push of Bookmarks.

Issue #195 wontfix
created an issue

I know that bitbucket is properly set up so you can do this.

Trying to do this for changing more than a single bookmark at a time on the command line can be frustrating and is not (in my opinion) well implemented; this makes it a great feature for MacHG to support.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    Happily, Bookmarks are moving into core Mercurial on the 1.8 time frame so hopefully I won't have to add anything to MacHg to support this... :)

    But we will see... For now I'll mark this as "Mercurial will soon implement this" which in the limited choices I have below is unfortunately "wontfix".

    But thanks, Jas

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