P4D3::FileMerge not found message keep at launch

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Issue #198 resolved
Guido created an issue

I have changed the FileMerge diff tool for TextWrangler because I don't have Xcode installed, and as I don't need it I don't want to install it.

TextWrangler is working great as the diff tool, but I keep getting the "FileMerge not found" error when I open MacHG

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
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    First, thanks for the report!

    Second... Does TextWrangler handle merges? Its really nice to have file merge to fall back to and its a part of standard install for any sort of development.

    Is there any reason you don't actually want to install XCode? Disk space? Company policy? Personal preference? Ie is this a minor inconvenience to you (and perhaps others) or something a bit more critical?

    I guess the solution might be to include a suppression check box in the message... Still it could possibly be a sub optimal experience...

    Do others have opinions here?

  2. Guido reporter

    I'm a bit new to mercurial, but I think TextWrangler handle merges pretty well...

    I don't want to install Xcode because of disk space and because I don't like to have "big installs" that I don't really need...

    I think that you can take off the FileMerge check if the "For diff use:" config is set to "other"

    You can check the TextWrangler for merge with this hgrc config:

    under [extdiff]

    cmd.twdiff = twdiff

    opts.twdiff = --resume --wait --reverse

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    I'm trying to setup TextWrangler as my Diff and Merge tool since FileMerge is still giving me blank comparisons periodically. However, TextWrangler doesn't show up in drop down in Preferences -> Mercurial -> For Merges use: section. I have it setup for diffs, but what do I need to add in the hgrc for MacHg to be able to use TextWrangler for merging?

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