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Issue #208 open
Sebastian Krysmanski created an issue

Since MacHg 0.9.16 (or 0.9.15?) MacHg has its new push dialog (which is quite nice btw.). However, I've one suggestion:

When the user opens the Push dialog for a local repository for which he already did some pushing operations, the default item for "Destination" is the name of the directory (on the local file system) that contains the repository. I found this quite confusing (especially when the name of the directory is quite different from the repository's name) and it took me a while to figure out that this item represents the default remote repository.

So my suggestion is to add the repository's (bookmark) name to the item. So instead of reading "mytestfolder" it would then read "My Test Repos (mytestfolder)".

You may even consider dropping the directory name completely though I'm not sure whether there can be more than one item in the "Default Servers" group.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Hi Sebastian,

    I thought when I originally read this report I knew exactly what the problem was. Now I am not so sure... Can you send me a screen shot of what is wrong? Thanks!


  2. Sebastian Krysmanski reporter

    It seems that this problem only exists for repositories created/cloned with an older version of MacHg (or possibly when cloned using the command line; I didn't check this). I've just cloned a new repository (using 0.9.17) and it works as expected. I've attached a screenshot of the problem with an "old" repository.

    In the screenshot "blogtext" (with lower-case "b" and "t") is the name of the directory (in which the local repository resides) while "BlogText" is the name of the bookmark in MacHg.

  3. Sebastian Krysmanski reporter

    Just found out that my previous comment is wrong. This isn't fixed. I've attached a new screenshot (for repository "Manski's Blog") that demonstrates the problem. While the "default server" should read "Manski's Blog" (like the second entry) it instead has the name of the repository's directory ("manski-theme").

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