P3D2::Update to another revision not reflected in History view

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Issue #21 resolved
Marko Käning created an issue

You history view is somehow broken.

I noticed this already a couple of times, but now I report, since I could verify that also with the latest revision 3355fc315757.

Here is my latest workflow as an example: I clicked on my MacHg repo and selected in History view I saw there were your incoming changesets, which I pulled right away NOW: none of the newly pulled changesets has been displayed in the History view I clicked on another repo and clicked back on MacHg and there the new changesets appeared, i.e. after pulling you did not update the view with the new data

Another way to see the missing update: Try to update your repo to another revision The information window will pop up and tell you what has changed * But the History view will be unchanged


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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
    • changed status to open

    This is an intermittent update bug which I have had real problems nailing down. Its more annoying then anything else. Do you have a repeatable case that always happens? Ie you can cold start your machine try the exact same thing and it will fail?

    Sometimes restarting my machine will change things... Sometimes quitting MacHg will change things. There is one issue I have tracked down (I think) to FSEventStream's starting to work erratically... This is a hard issue to track down...

  2. Marko Käning reporter

    This bug is really odd!

    You know what I just found out?

    Only my MacHg clone shows this behavior. All other clones immediately update their history views after updating to another revision, MacHg's clone would NOT.

    Perhaps I have to remove the bookmark again and retry from scratch?

  3. Marko Käning reporter

    I've tracked it down!!!

    It was caused by the fact that I had renamed the repository on the command line from "MacHg" to "machg" at some time. So, it looks like MacHg half-heartedly kept working with it.

    I have to say, I haven't yet figured out how OSX actually handles cases like this. Renames with changed capitalization are dangerous and I was surprised that at first it looked like MacHg would not be disturbed by my command line action here...

    But, as we see, one sooner or later runs into trouble.

    I am happy I finally remembered where my local MacHg clone differed from all my other clones.

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