P3D3::Repositories are not added to the repository list

Issue #210 resolved
Miloš Žikić
created an issue

Tried on 0.9.16 version.

Either Clone or Create Local repository is not adding repository to the list. There is no Error in the log.

Creating repository group doesn't do anything as well.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
    • changed status to open

    First thanks for the report. I can't reproduce this on my end at all. Clone adding to the repository list has been working in since 0.9.0 up until 0.9.16 as far as I know. In any case you are using MacHg 0.9.16... So I am sorry but I can't reproduce this. I think unfortunately you have some "lucky" combination of factors that is making this happen for you.

    Thus can I get you to:

    • Try 0.9.14 which was out there for a month and had no reported problems against this just in case the combination of factors that is hitting you is a MacHg 0.9.16 thing.

    If you can add existing repositories to the list then:

    • Set the logging to "All Generated Commands" in the Advanced tab of MacHg preferences.
    • create a really simple dummy repo. eg:
    cd users/zilet
    hg init falmingo
    echo bird>bird
    hg commit -a -m "initial"
    • Create a fresh document and try and add this repository to the list... Save this document as "Birds" or something.
    • Quit MacHg
    • Open MacHg and the Birds document.
    • Try the clone operation
    • Send me the log

    As a general thought you might have some permissions problem on your document?



  2. Miloš Žikić reporter

    Hi, well actually commands are invoked in the backend and the repository is created, but the MacHG UI seams not to react to it and the new repository is not added to the list (cannot be seen).

    I've created a sample as you suggested and here is a complete log:

    MacHg issued(2011-03-13 23:26:42 +0100): /Users/zilet/Downloads/MacHg.app/Contents/Resources/localhg showconfig --cwd /Users/zilet/Documents/test/testrepo paths Result code was:0 Standard out was:

    Standard error was:

    MacHg issued(2011-03-13 23:26:42 +0100): /Users/zilet/Downloads/MacHg.app/Contents/Resources/localhg identify --cwd /tmp --insecure --rev 0 --id --quiet /Users/zilet/Documents/test/testrepo Result code was:0 Standard out was: 560c836ad4be

    Standard error was:

    So operations are going smoothly but the repo is not shown in the interface :(

  3. Miloš Žikić reporter

    Somehow this started to work. I am not sure how but it seams that old repository data settings that MacHG was reading caused problems. After I updated this morning back to 0.9.16 I went to File/New and then I've seen the repository group. Then tried to add a local repo and hooray it worked!

    I've got here a very weird case of something with something didn't work. But happy that I've found a workaround and it is working now. Thanks for your support and great job!

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