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Issue #221 resolved
Sebastian Krysmanski created an issue

I just upgraded from 0.9.16 to 0.9.17 and then tried to create a new repository. I then got this message (see screenshot):

The document "Repositories" is in the trash.

I didn't know what to make of this obscure message and so I canceled it. I appeared a few times more. Then I had to restart my mac (not because of MacHg) and after starting MacHg again all my repository bookmarks were gone. Luckily I found the "Repository" file in the trash (now I knew what this was) and restored it.

My guess is that during the "upgrade process" you MacHg simply moves the MacHg folder to the trash without keeping the "Repositories" file. Please don't do something like this.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    - Fix issue #221. When updating to the latest support files, don't move the whole application support folder to the trash but rather for now just move the /Library/Application Support/MacHg/hgrc to the trash. (I needed to do this when upgrading in order to get all the new changes for the diff tools, but I forgot that the default location for the Repositories.mchg was in there. So moving the entire app support/MacHg appeared to remove everyones repositories.)


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