P4D4::Remember latest view as well as selected revision

Issue #23 resolved
Marko Käning
created an issue

I'd love to have the following features:

MacHg could remember which repo, which view and which revision I had selected on closing it the previous time.

I could sacrifice auto-selection of the repo (since then you'd never see your start page), but at least selection of last used view and revision would improve usability a lot.

(It's really a pain to always have to scroll upwards to the current revision if you like to have revision sorting with tip at the top.)

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Marko, I saw what you meant about jumping to the wrong place and having to scroll up through the document. I fixed this in 3ddb51749158

    Moreover in 69692b457720 and in 91cf54b90b97 I fixed it so that there is now a default preference for if you want the revisions descending down the screen or if you want them ascending down the screen. Also if you override this it now always jumps to the correct place.

    I think this is sufficient. Have a play with this and see if you think so. If you don't go ahead and open this bug report again. Thanks, Jas

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