P3D3::"Rename after" keeps destination file marked as 'untracked'

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Issue #237 resolved
Rob created an issue

Version 0.9.20 If I rename a tracked file outside of Mercurial, then visit MacHG the original file is correctly displayed as 'Missing' and the renamed files is correctly displayed as 'Untracked'.

I then "Rename Selected File..." on the original file and I use the "Already renamed" checkbox option. Afterwards, the original file is displayed in bold text (not sure what this means) and has no icon beside the file name (I would have expected a 'Removed' symbol, the same as a normal rename done entirely through hg) and the newly named file is still listed as 'Untracked' (I would have expected an 'Added' symbol, as per a normal rename done entirely through hg). See attached screenshot for resultant image.

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  1. Rob reporter

    Hi Jason, This is working in 0.9.21Alpha. Thanks. I find the newly added behaviour of prepending 'Renamed' to the target file name makes additional (and unexpected) work for me though.

    I have a number of files that I need to rename from ...10.6.6 to ...10.6.7. Previously I could just change a single digit in the file name. Now I also need to delete the extra 'Renamed' portion as well - I suspect most users would find this too. I'd prefer MacHG to not helpfully insert the 'Renamed' text - I'm happy to accept the warning message bubble that appears below as an indication that I need to do something.

    Once again I'll leave to your discretion. Cheers, Rob.

  2. Jason Harris repo owner

    Cool. Thanks for your comments!

    I think one user originally asked for the changed name, but this was before the warning bubble...

    If you are doing lots of renaming, then the trick is to just change all the names and then do AddRemove. Everything which is just moved will be recognized as a rename (Open the preferences and go to the mercurial tab and look at the 3rd grouping box.) I'll think about this...

    I had in the past toyed with naming the command AddRemoveRename but that's really a bit long... :)

    Again, thanks! Jas

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