Fails to commit after merge

Issue #240 on hold
Zeno Amaro created an issue

Returned message from hg after post-merge-auto-commit is:

Mercurial reported error number 255:
abort: cannot partially commit a merge
(do not specify files or patterns)

Even though all files are going to be merged. This appeared in 0.9.20, if I recall correctly. Worked fine before.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
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    Can I get you to confirm you are using MacHg 0.9.21 right? What operating system are you using?

    Can I get you to restart your machine? Also try using MacHg 0.9.19 again and MacHg 0.9.20. Is it really the change MacHg 0.9.19 -> MacHg 0.9.21 which is causing all these problems?

    Merges and operations are working fine for me... I am only marking this as P3D3 since I can't reproduce these problems. Can anyone else reproduce these issues?

  2. Zeno Amaro reporter

    MacHg 0.9.21 on OSX 10.6. Mercurial version is 1.8.1.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Merge a revision/branch (I tested merging a branch)
    2. Use post-merge auto-commit, or commit all

    Expected results:

    Merge is committed.

    Actual results:

    Mercurial reported error number 255: abort: cannot partially commit a merge (do not specify files or patterns)


    I remember it did work on 0.9.19, so I've downloaded and started MacHg 0.9.19 from the Desktop directory. But it doesn't work now. I suspect it could be related to the new mercurial version bundled on 0.9.20. If I go into the MacHg menu and choose "about MacHg", Mercurial SCM is still listed as 1.8.1. I tested 0.9.18 also, same outcome.

    If you can tell me how can I test the previous mercurial version I will gladly report back.

    On a related note, there's no visual indication for ongoing merge activities, I've noticed this just now.

  3. Jason Harris repo owner

    Sure just download MacHg 0.9.19 from the MacHg downloads page and use that.

    But the Mercurial with MacHg 0.9.21 should be 1.8.2. If it says 1.8.1 thats not so good. Can you double check this?

    I still can't reproduce this. Can you zip up a small test repo where this is having problems? Ie init something add a file, commit it, make a change to it, commit that. update to rev 0 make add another file. commit that. Make a change to it. commit that, then merge them and see if thats working. If not send me the zipped repo.

    Thanks, Jas

  4. Zeno Amaro reporter

    Local test repository works perfectly on both 0.9.21 and 0.9.18, commits merges and updates all the views at light-speed, so it seems the issue is related to my work repository (merging and committing manually with hg on command line works, however).

    Unfortunately I cannot zip you my main repository as it is a huge enterprise monster with twenty branches and a few gigs of stuff in it. Not to mention NDAs, but whatever.

    This evening I will try different combinations to see if I can reproduce the same problems in a new repository. I'll let you know.

    In the meantime, I've committed a check on your Paypal. MacHg has been very useful to me, and for this software and your support you totally deserve it. By the way, are you interested in translations/patches?

    (PS. Yes, Mercurial is listed as 1.8.2 on 0.9.20+, I mistook the version numbers, what I meant is that there was an upgrade on 0.9.20)

    Thank you, and keep up the good work :)

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