P4D3::Operations on repo don't refresh the history view

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Issue #241 resolved
Zeno Amaro created an issue

None of the operations on the repo update the history view after completion.

It worked fine in 0.9.20, if I recall correctly. Currently I'm temporarily switching to another repo to refresh the views.

EDIT: Actually, none of the views appear to be auto-updating as they did before.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Can I get you to confirm you are using MacHg 0.9.21 right? What operating system are you using?

    Can I get you to restart your machine? Also try using MacHg 0.9.20 again. Is it really the change MacHg 0.9.20 -> MacHg 0.9.21 which is causing all these problems?

    Merges and operations are working fine for me... I am only marking this as P3D3 since I can't reproduce these problems. Can anyone else reproduce these issues?

  2. Zeno Amaro reporter

    MacHg 0.9.21 on OSX 10.6. Mercurial version is 1.8.1.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Make a change
    2. (for example) Right click "tip" revision in history view, do update clean

    Expected results:

    History view is updated, removing the "-current modifications-" line.

    Actual results:

    History view is not updated.


    Also tested on 0.9.18, and I remember it did update (I'm not sure, but I think I would've noticed). I suspect there may be something lying with the new Mercurial version, which is still listed as 1.8.1. I would glady test the old mercurial version, if you tell me how to.

    Note that no "Refreshing browser" action shows in the activity panel. Note also that committing changes in Browser view shows that action and refreshes the view accordingly; however, local changes are not automatically reflected in Browser view as they were before. Switching repositories (not views) refreshes the views as they should.

    Thank you

  3. Jason Harris repo owner

    Yeah. It sounds like somehow your mercurial version was corrupted if its using hg 1.8.1 in MacHg 0.9.21. Can I get you to move to a safe location (maybe an external disk and zip up the current MacHg you are using). Now redownload MacHg 0.9.21, and MacHg 0.9.19 and try these versions out.


    Thanks, Jas

  4. Zeno Amaro reporter

    After more testing (see notes on #240), the problem seem to be related to my work repository, which is quite big and branched, and doesn't appear on a new repository. I will do more testing in the spare time to see if I manage to reproduce the problems in a new repository.

  5. Jason Harris repo owner

    Fantastic. Thanks for getting back to me! I'll downgrade this for now then since it seems specific to you. If you can get it to a smaller example which I can play with that would be great!

    Thanks! Jas

  6. Zeno Amaro reporter

    After some time, none of these issues are appearing anymore. I have no clue about what fixed them. I'd say the tickets may be closed, but actually the repo was in a legal state back then, so I don't know.

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