P3D4::Dropping clone onto left pane creates remote repo, although already exists

Issue #25 resolved
Marko Käning
created an issue

Although the remote repo was already in my list of currently bookmarked remote repos the dropped in clone repo would create its own remote repo instance. (See the two entries "makeicnsGUI" below.)

Funnily enough, the clone would still relate to the originally existing remote repo, as you can see in the attached image.

This has been split out of resolved issue <<issue 24>>.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Can you click on each server and choose menu item Repository -> Configure Selected Repository.

    Can you check that the URL paths are exactly the same. Ie no case differences or anything. Then can you save the document and email it to me?

    As always thanks! Jas

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