P3D3::Open last document preference doesn't work

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Issue #250 resolved
Former user created an issue

I've set Preferences > On Activation > Open Last Document

However, whenever the app launches, it simply shows the "Welcome to MacHg" screen and doesn't automatically list my repository's contents.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Hi There,

    Have you actually saved the document at least once? MacHg can't use an unsaved untitled document since when you quit it no longer exists.

    Can I get you to confirm that you have saved the document and its still not working and if so go ahead and reopen this bug report.

    BTW which version of MacHg are you using?

    Thanks, Jason

  2. Former user Account Deleted
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    Hi Jason,

    Yep I've definitely saved the document (I even tried overwriting it with the Save As... command).

    Still doesn't remember the preference though.

    I've just updated to 0.9.22 (171f906c7359) this morning.

  3. Jason Harris repo owner

    Hmmm... Thanks for the report. I wonder what is going wrong. Can anyone else reproduce this?

    So just to confirm. Can you open the document once you open MacHg?

    In the File menu Open Recent what does it say? In fact could you take a screen shot of this menu and email it to me? or post it here?

    Thanks, Jas

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    I may be being an idiot :(

    When MacHg launches, I see my repository in the source list on the left. On reflection, I assume this is what is meant by "open last document". I thought it would restore the view to show where I last had navigated to within a particular repository. Is that not the case? If so, could this feature be added? :)

  5. Jason Harris repo owner


    (No problem :) )

    What Open last document means is that it opens the last collection of repositories. For instance I have a collection of work repositories. I have a separate collection of MacHg repositories, I have another collection of Mercurial repositories etc. Whichever collection (document) I was working on last is automatically opened when I start MacHg again.

    As for remembering which repository was selected within the collection, and which view was selected within that repository, it could be made to work... But it's not that hard for the user to just click on the repository is it? Also depending on the repository it can take 10 seconds to load say for massive repositories. (eg the 3G open office repository) If they wanted a different repository they would have to wait through that time...

    If others want this feature I will certainly entertain adding it. I would even likely accept a patch for this... For now I'll close this though since we have worked out what is going on...

    Cheers, Jas

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