P2D2::Updater Fails to Recognize 0.9.22

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Issue #254 resolved
Former user created an issue

I'm continually getting the upgrade notice for 0.9.22 - I've selected to have the updates installed immediately; as well as at quit.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    First thanks for your report!

    Can I ask you to send screen shots?

    Can you describe in more detail the exact steps you do and what happens. I am quite interested in this issue...

    (I just downloaded 0.9.20 and choose check for updates and then choose to update to MacHg 0.9.23 (the latest) and it worked without issue...)

    (Also can you login so I can send information to you and ask you questions directly if needed...)

    Thanks, Jas

  2. Jason Harris repo owner

    Can someone else reproduce this? I can't so I am closing as I have heard nothing further on this bug...

    If someone can reproduce this please open this...

    Thanks, Jas

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