Adding a flat List View as alternative to Browser View

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Issue #255 duplicate
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Browser View makes it very difficult to commit select files when dealing with multiple folders. For example: {{{ +MyProject/ + Src/ +Features/ +feature1.m +feature2.m +Shared/ +class1.m +class2.m }}} If I want to commit feature1.m and class1.m together, it is virtually impossible to do without also including feature2.m and class2.m

One solution would be to display the list of changed files as a flat list:

{{{ MyProject/Src/Features/feature1.m MyProject/Src/Features/feature2.m MyProject/Src/Shared/class1.m MyProject/Src/Shared/class2.m }}}

With this (optional) arrangement, it would be simple to select feature1.m & class1.m and commit them.

I know that SourceTree allows this, but I prefer MacHg as my client.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner

    Thanks for the bug report. This is in fact a duplicate of #154.

    A good number of people have requested this functionality and I will be adding it in the future.

    Also note that you can selectively omit certain files from a commit. eg Just select Features and shared and then bring up the commit sheet. Then in the lhs where the flat files are, select Features/feature2.m and Shared/class2.m and then click the "-" button. Then commit the files. Simple :)

    Duplicate of #154.

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