P3D3::Snap extension causing continual refreshes

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Issue #258 open
Andreas Gobell created an issue

For all my repositories the info panel in the lower left corner of the window is constantly "refreshing browser data". Thus it switches between the "Information" view to "Activity" at least once a second which is very distracting.

I believe the last version I used did not show this behaviour as I did not notice it. I tried reinstalling MacHg and setting up the repositories again but the problem remained the same.

It would already help if viewing the panel could be switched off.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
    • changed status to open

    This means that the updating is happening constantly. This might be a race condition or it might be an underlying thing about your repository (eg doing a build in XCode without hiding the directory in your repository where the build products are going will constantly update the repository since it is refreshing each time there is a change in the repository just like it should...)

    However there have been times in the past where the repository gets into a race condition where the mere fact of updating the repo by MacHg causes another update, which causes another update, etc. etc. If this case is being triggered I very much want to know about it.

    Can you reproduce this with test repos? Can you reproduce it now and reliably? If so can we schedule a session where I can see your screen via ichat and investigate this problem? (email me at jason at jasonfharris.com)

    Thanks, Jas

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    For me to reproduce the error it is sufficient to just "Create New Repository". The new repository, which only has an ".hgignore" file updates constantly.

    I also created a repository as follows:

    • $ hg init
    • Create file test.txt with contents "test" with texmate.
    • $ hg add
    • $ hg ci -m "initial commit of test document"
    • Add the repository to MacHG by drag n' drop from the finder to the MacHG bookmark sidebar.

    This also showed the error.

    I have written you an email concerning a session to investigate the problem.

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