Password change in configuration not automatically passed to linked repository access

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Issue #263 open
geminiintegration created an issue

The password was changed on a remote repository, followed by a matching change in the local MacHg definition. Attempts to then check incoming changes failed authentication until the (same) remote repository was re-selected in the "Incoming" panel.

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  1. Jason Harris repo owner
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    Hi There,

    First thanks fro the report!

    But, can you give me an exact sequence of steps to reproduce this?

    Thanks, Jas

  2. geminiintegration reporter

    Unfortunately I have no administrative access to the Mercurial site involved so I cannot do a full reconstruction of the process which led to the problem, nor can I introduce updates not directly in support of our client's project. However I have tried to do a careful review of the current situation. As you will see in the first attachment there are three local/remote repository pairs involved which I will call Flash, Niagara, and Station. The problem was introduced after a password change on the remote repositories.

    The specific difficulty appears when an Outgoing check is made on the Flash or Niagara pair. As shown in the second attachment the local/remote pairing panel appears with the correct repositories indicated in the URI displays. However, if no adjustment is made, continuing the process leads to the "Error During Outgoing" panel shown in the first attachment. But, if in the pairing panel one makes an explicit selection of the "REPOSITORIES/BASDashboardFlash" item the process completes without problems. This happens repeatedly.

    If instead an Incoming check is made as best I can tell the problem does not persist after an initial adjustment is made. In this case when the pairing Source menu is opened the check mark appears on the REPOSITORIES item rather than the Default Servers item.

    This problem only appears on the Flash and Niagara pairs, not on the Station pair. About the only difference that occurs to me is that in the Station case the two displayed repository names differ.

    Sorry I haven't more to offer here. In any case this is more a nuisance than a problem, so I doubt it deserves much in the way of priority.

    Thanks for your help.

    Tom Puckett

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